Red Rubber Road

Red Rubber Road

Red Rubber Road is the shared identity of artist duo AnaHell and Nathalie Dreier (Berlin/Zurich).

In their work, the artists weave performative dream-like narratives in which the role of the individual always takes second place to a new and greater common entity. They explore themes of identity, relationships, dissociation and technology. Bodies that tell a story, or seemingly wait for us to tell their story.

These performative creations bear witness to the artists’ common experience – from an upbringing in a secretive cult to performative art as existentialism. 

Garden of Just Enough

In 1968, David Brandt Berg founded the Children of God. His blend of non-traditional Christian fanaticism and free love ideals quickly won over tens of thousands all around the world who left everything to live in communes and dedicate their lives to this newly found purpose. Throughout the years, Berg wrote more than 3000 ‘letters’ to his flock, firmly guiding their every thought and action. After his death in 1994, his partner Karen Zerby continued in his path, until, in the 2000s, the cult slowly disintegrated, leaving thousands of isolated missionaries to assimilate into a society from which they were completely alienated.

Our parents joined this cult as teenage dropouts in the seventies and gave up everything to live entirely for this cause. This is where we were born and raised, isolated from the outside world. When we left the cult, we were also teenagers and, much like our parents, we were looking for meaning. But we found ourselves feeling alien in a completely foreign world with no guidance. This feeling of displacement and loss of identity is something we still carry with us today.’  – Red Rubber Road

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