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Olena Morozova. I am visual artist based in Kyiv, Ukraine. I started to get involved in photography from a very young age in my youth hood. In 2002 I was graduated from Kyiv National Pedagogical Dragomanov University. I was full time engaged in photography since 2015 when I realized that I can’t live without creating.

I studied photography at private schools. I like to create portraits, photo stories, explore themes of spirituality, sexuality, gender identity, stereotypes, psychological and mental disorder, family relationships. Photography is my passion, lifestyle, philosophy, way of thinking, seeing, understanding the world around and my inner world, search for my reflections, feelings and emotions, self-development and movement forward. My works were presented in Fotodok,

Netherlands (2023), Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum, Georgia (2023), Southern Utah Museum of Art (2022), Walker Art Gallery, USA (2022), Encontros da Imagem (2022), Rybnik Photo Festival (2022), Finnish Museum of Photography (2022), Copenhagen Photo Festival (2022), Odesa Photo Days (2021), Photo Kyiv Fair (2020, 2019), were published in International Artdoc Magazine, Conbini Art (France), FotoNostrum Magazine (Spain), Vogue (Italy), Politiken (Denmark), Liberation (France), EESTI NAINE (Estonia), Positive.News (England), took (Gold, Silver, Bronze) prizes in international photo awards. I am FRESH EYES Talent 2023 and a member of Ukrainian Women Photography Organization, Futures Photography Platform, MYPH Community.




Granny (2019-2023) According to the WHO, in 2023 there are more than 55 million people with dementia worldwide. 7.7 million new cases are reported yearly, each one become a significant burden on families and health systems. Dementia is an acquired degeneration of the brain characterized by a persistent decrease in cognitive activity with a loss of previously acquired knowledge and practical skills. From the very first manifestations to severe forms, patients require care and social support. I started researching problem of dementia when my grandmother was diagnosed with it. We talked about her illness so that she does not lose touch with reality. I also involved my children in this process, which was very helpful. Glimpses of her complex and interesting character are like pearls that you acquire through the hard work of constant communication. 

These moments dear to our hearts, the chronicle of the struggle against “the darkness” and visions from a past life: military childhood, interesting youth, medical practice in the cruel inhuman conditions of the Russian hinterland, are the essence of the project, which has become more than a project for me. At a certain moment, I felt the need to photograph her in those moments when she talks about her visions. I have traced a clear relationship between memories, strong impressions and fears from my grandmother’s past and painful visions in the present. There is no happy ending in this struggle, the illness always wins, and this dread is visible. When phantasmagorias merge with reality it’s always scary, and the only thing that can help is the attention of relatives and closeness.

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