Dávid Biró

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Dávid Biró, photographer and visual artist, lives and works in Budapest. He completed BA in Photography at the University of Kaposvár and MA in Photography at the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts.

Biró is a representative of the new generation of Hungarian photographers, his works were featured at international institutes such as Ludwig Museum, MODEM, Q Contemporary, Capa Center and Mai Manó Ház. In 2018, he was a finalist in the Dutch ING Unseen Talent Award, in 2022 he won the MODEM award, in 2021 and 2022 he received a József Pécsi creative scholarship, in 2022-2023 he was a lecturer at the MOME photography master department.



“Captcha” is a work in progress by Dávid Biró, which deals with the development of artificial intelligence through the examination of reCaptcha technology. This reverse Turing test is used in online interfaces to filter out robots, and at the same time, by solving puzzles, we also teach artificial intelligence (e.g. self-driving car algorithms). Thanks to the learning process, reCaptcha gives users more and more complex puzzles, so human and machine cognitive abilities are essentially competing with each other. The resulting photographs are complex playful picture puzzles that foreshadow a turning point in favor of machine visual perception compared to humans. 

Biró’s aim is to map the technological environment that defines our everyday life to uncover their social and political effects. He not only follows this transformation as a passive user, but also actively, with a playful approach, tries to get in front of the technologies that affect the fabric of societies.

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