Chiara Lombardi

Chiara Lombardi

Chiara Lombardi graduated at Rome University of Fine Arts in 2017, and then took her master’s degree at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin in Product Design. Chiara is a visual artist, her artistic research focuses on bodies, observing with precision the movements, portrays the sinuous geometries and scrutinizes the skin to transport in frames the emotions and stories that carry inside.
Her images come from intimate stories with the people involved. Chiara does not want to take charge of the conception she has of those she photographs, but with her attention and empathy she wants to give a shared narrative. In her works the focus is to enhance the individual, eliminating futile social ornaments and portraying each subject in its nakedness; thus entering the intimate space that is usually shared only with close affections. Inside each person involved, beyond the skin, there is a story full of hard work and intentions that finds itself facing society

It disappears slowly

It disappears slowly is a research on censorship with a socio-anthropologic basis, held between 2020 and 2021, published by crowdfunding in September 2021. It consists of a fine art reportage by Chiara Lombardi, three narratives reports of the emerging writer Naomi Giudice that Chiara bindweed to, an insert where every human involved in the photographic project shared their story or thinking. The burden that the stigma drags on is slow in dissolving.

“The society in which we live hopes for a perverse “normality”, adhering to standards in continuous change and regurgitation with contempt shreds of humanity not conform. It establishes and imposes the social stigma that conditions being in the world proving to be a limit to our actions. One of the consequences is censorship, my research ground for more than one year; imposed by the institutions or by themselves, censorship unites us in different contexts of heretics, transmuting and hiding behind fears and hypocrisy.

Each image is born through an intimate and open story with every person involved, who actively participates in the creation of the portrait. As a particularly attentive and empathetic photographer and artist, it is my main interest not to take charge of the representation of a person solely according to my gaze, but create a visual narration shared by the parties involved.

Hanane Makhloufi

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