Red Rubber Road

Red Rubber Road

Red Rubber Road is an ongoing collaborative and performative body of work by AnaHell (Spain) and Nathalie Dreier (Switzerland), established in 2015. Shaped by an unconventional upbringing in which one’s individuality was often put aside for a common ideology, the artists are intrigued by the concept of common identity and how new entities are created through human connection.

Through self-portraiture, they reflect on the boundaries of the self within relationships – particularly the new identity, the “us”, that forms through close bonding or shared ideas. Using their bodies, the artists interact and mingle with each other in performative images to the point that their existences blur and their own borders disappear.

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Together A Part

“Together A Part” is an exploration of human connection through digital devices, offering a new perspective on what portraiture can look like in the digital age.

This series began as an answer to how a practice that was brought to life by physical closeness could be carried on over distance. Using screens to connect their bodies with each other, the artists look for ways to enter each other’s space, merging themselves and their environments. The screen’s narrative is altered: it is no longer merely a window to a virtual world, but rather a physical ‘carnal’ object that metabolizes through the display.

This ongoing series reflects on the possibilities and limitations of technology and its impact on modern-day relationships. Conceived during the first Covid lockdown in early 2020, the artists collaborated on self-portraits taken in their individual living spaces (Berlin-Zürich), using screens to bring their two worlds together in a search for a closeness beyond digital communication.

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